Scotland’s mountains have a world famous reputation. Names such as Ben Nevis, Liathach, Ben Alder, Lochnagar and Cairngorm can send shudders down spines and produce sweat on palms.

During this coming winter season, Di Gilbert Mountaineering will be providing courses in an Introduction to winter hill walking.

These are courses aimed specifically at summer hill walkers who wish to make the initial steps to become a self reliant, proficient and safe winter hill walker.

These courses last 2 days and are based in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park.

Please contact Di Gilbert directly if you have any questions, if you are unsure if this course is suitable for you or any other enquiries.


The introduction to winter hill walking courses are based in the Northern Cairngorms.

Who can come

Anyone who has summer hill walking experience will be able to attend. This is to ensure that participants have a basic level of mountain fitness, are familiar with summer hill walking equipment and have probably experienced a wide range of Scottish weather.

Why will it help me

Everyone at some stage in their mountain development needs a helping hand. By attending this course, Di will help you and train you in the essential skills that are specific to safe mountain travel in the United Kingdom’s mountain environments.

How do I apply

Complete one of our online booking forms.

Once you receive confirmation from Di you will be sent final details.


Di Gilbert no longer advertises specific dates. Please contact us direct to arrange a suitable date.


£240.00 per person. This course requires a minimum of 2 people to run.

This price is for instruction and equipment only.

Please contact us for a group rate.


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What will we look at

During the 2 days we will cover skills such as:

  • using the boot as a tool
  • ice axe techniques
  • cramponing techniques
  • avalanche awareness
  • safe route choice
  • decision making
  • navigation

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